Intended Parents

  • Draft, negotiate, and finalize gestational agreement. Provide legal clearance to medical clinic.
  • Obtain pre-birth order (PBO) and validate gestational agreement with the court.
  • Draft and file required post-birth notice with the court.
  • Assist international clients in obtaining apostilled copies of court orders and birth certificates.

Gestational Carriers and Traditional Surrogates

  • Gestational agreement or traditional surrogacy contract review and negotiation.
  • Review of validation documents or parentage proceeding documents.
  • Agency referral and pre-match consultation.

Egg or Sperm Donor Agreements; Embryo Donation Agreements

  • Represent recipient parents or donor.
  • Draft or review donation agreement.

Reciprocal IVF Agreements

  • Draft or review agreement between same-sex female partners undergoing reciprocal IVF.

Simi works with independent, inter-family, and agency-represented clients. All prospective families are welcome to engage the firm; Simi Denson, Attorney at Law, P.C. does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, marital status, age, race, religion, or disability. Initial consultation is free of charge.

Each side of an assisted reproduction agreement must be represented by independent legal counsel-- for example, Simi cannot represent both the intended parents and the gestational carrier in a surrogacy arrangement. She is happy to refer the other party to competent counsel, including fellows of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. The attorney drafting or reviewing the agreement should be licensed in the state whose law will control the agreement (usually the state where the child will be born).

Other A.R.T. or third party reproduction services may be available-- please contact Simi Denson, Attorney at Law, P.C. using the information on the Contact page.

This is a list of available services, not an agreement to provide these services. Fees and scope of services will be agreed in the representation agreement between client and Simi Denson, Attorney at Law, P.C. Most services are offered on a flat fee basis.